BeeGFS v7.4.3 Upgrade Guide

Please read and understand the information below completely before attempting the upgrade.

Possible upgrade paths

The following upgrade paths from older versions are supported:
  • v2014.01 ⟶ v6.19 ⟶ v7.4.3

  • v2015.03 ⟶ v6.19 ⟶ v7.4.3

  • v6.x ⟶ v7.4.3

  • v7.x ⟶ v7.4.3

When upgrading from v2014.01 or v2015.03, an intermediate step is required. Upgrade to v6.19 by following the upgrade instructions in the Wiki under and/or the respective upgrade notes under After that, start the management daemon at least once. You can then proceed with procedure below.

Upgrade to v7.4.3


A backup of the system after stopping all services and before upgrading packages from versions older than 7.4.3 is recommended.


All buddies have to be in the GOOD state before upgrading to this release.

  1. If you use buddy mirroring, make sure that all buddies are in GOOD state.

  2. Stop the BeeGFS system:
    • stop/unmount all clients

    • stop all storage daemons

    • stop all meta daemons

    • stop the management daemon

  3. Create a full BeeGFS backup if possible, backup the configuration files of all servers (see Backup).

  4. Upgrade all BeeGFS packages.

  5. Check the configuration files. Some configuration options are no longer valid and have to be removed (see Release Notes v7.4.3).

  6. Start all daemons and clients and verify that the system works as expected.

Upgrade from 7.4.x


Necessary changes to a message used in metadata hard link creation cause an incompatibility between 7.4.3 metadata services and metadata services running other 7.4.x versions. It is therefore necessary to upgrade all metadata nodes in a BeeGFS system to 7.4.3 at once. Rolling upgrades of metadata services from older versions are not supported. All services other than metadata are not affected by this and can be upgraded in a rolling fashion or used together with other 7.4.x versions.