Network Configuration

Disallow RDMA for specific network interfaces

Use the option connTcpOnlyFilterFile to set the path to a text file that specifies IP subnets that must have RDMA disabled for outgoing communication. Add the option to the configuration file of a server daemon or client, as follows.

connTcpOnlyFilterFile = /etc/beegfs/tcp-only-interfaces.conf

This option works similarly to option connNetFilterFile. You need to add one subnet per line in classless notation (e.g.

See also

RDMA Support

Configure allowed network interfaces

There are two different settings that can be used to achieve this:

  • In the config file of each service, there is an option called connNetFilterFile. It can be used to activate IP address range based filtering. This setting will allow outgoing connection attempts of a BeeGFS service only to the set of specified IP addresses, which is useful if a client (or other services) should not try to connect to certain exported interface IPs of another node, e.g., because some of the interface IPs might not be reachable from the current network or are meant for internal use only.

  • In the config file of each service, there is an option called connInterfacesFile. By specifying a file with a list of interfaces (one per line) here, you can control which interfaces a BeeGFS service registers at the management daemon and in which order they should be tried during connection attempts by other nodes. For instance, if your node has eth0 and eth1, but you only add eth1 to the interfaces file, then the other servers/clients won’t know that there is another interface for that server and hence will not try to connect to other interfaces.